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Title: Director [Year]
"Bourne Supremacy"* Paul Greengrass [2004]
"Nine Queens"* Fabian Bielinsky [2000]
"Deep Water"* Louise Osmond/Jerry Rothwell [2006]
"D‘Annunzios Hohle"* Heinz Emigholz [2005]
"3:10 to Yuma"* James Mangold [2007]
"The Gift"* Sam Raimi [2000]
"Eastern Promises"* David Cronenberg [2007]
"Crash"* David Cronenberg [1996]
"La Sentinelle"* Arnaud Desplechin [1992]
"Michael Clayton"* Tony Gilroy [2007]
"Mr. Brooks"* Bruce A. Evans [2007]
"The Man Who Cried"* Sally Potter [2000]
"Gone Baby Gone"* Ben Affleck [2007]
"2001 A Space Odyssey"* Stanley Kubrick [1968]
"American Gangster"* Ridley Scott [2007]
"There Will Be Blood"* Paul Thomas Anderson [2007]
"Atonement"* Joe Wright [2007]
"Julia"* Fred Zinnemann [1977]
"Elizabeth: The Golden Age"* Shekhar Kapur [2007]
"Fiorile"* Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani [1993]
"Hammett"* Wim Wenders [1982]
"You Kill Me"* John Dahl [2007]
"Morituri"* Bernhard Wicki [1965]
Error: 'Breakfast at Tiffany‘s' has a wrong year seen in the review. It should be 2008. Or you have seen it more than once.
"A Clockwork Orange"* Stanley Kubrick [1971]
"Reckless"* (TV) Sarah Harding, David Richards [1997]
"All or Nothing at All"* (TV) Andrew Grieve [1993]
"Bohachi Bushido"* Teruo Ishii [1973]
"Summer Love (Dead Man‘s Bounty)"* Piotr UKlanski [2006]
"The Aviator"* Martin Scorcese [2004]
"The Walker"* Paul Schrader [2007]
"The Painted Veil"* John Curran [2006]
"Heat of the Sun"* (TV) Diarmuid Lawrence/Paul Seed [1998]
"Hustle"* various directors (TV) [2004]
"La Lengua de las mariposas (Butterfly‘s Tongue)"* Jose Luis Cuerda [1999]
"The Fall"* Tarsem Singh [2006]
"The Search for Gissing"* Mike Binder [2001]
"Goodnight, Mister Tom"* (TV) Jack Gold [1999]
"The Onion Movie"* Tom Kuntz, Mike Maguire [2008]
"LA Confidential"* Curtis Hanson [1997]
"Winning"* James Goldstone [1969]
"Harper"* Jack Smight [1966]
"The Red Violin"* Francois Girard [1998]
"Sliding Doors"* Peter Howitt [1998]
"GiGi"* Vincente Minelli [1958]
"Danger UXB"* various directors (TV) [1979]
"Get Carter"* Mike Hodges [1971]
"Spartan"* David Mamet/David Mamet [2004]
"Transsiberian"* Brad Anderson [2008]
"War of the Roses"* Danny DeVito [1989]
"The Hitch-Hiker"* Ida Lupino [1953]
"D.O.A."* Rudolph Mate [1950]
"Married Life"* Ira Sachs [2007]
"Showgirls"* Paul Verhoeven [1995]
"Quo Vadis"* Mervyn LeRoy [1951]
"Beetle Juice"* Tim Burton [1988]
"Mirage"* Edward Dmytryk [1964]
"D'Annunzios Hohle"* Heinz Emigholz [2005]
"Breakfast at Tiffany's"* Blake Edwards [1961]
"Summer Love (Dead Man's Bounty)"* Piotr UKlanski [2006]
"La Lengua de las mariposas (Butterfly's Tongue)"* Jose Luis Cuerda [1999]

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