Wednesday Night Memorial - 30+ yrs. of Arrested Development.
We're just getting started.
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Here's a shot from our recent pot-luck dinner.

Get ready for the river trip!

Oops, the registration is already closed -- Better luck next year!

Fun at the river trip!

Want a copy? Print this page!

And from the Nation's Capitol...
Here's one of our most famous floaters.

Eileen Collins will be the first woman to command a shuttle mission.
... and the last one to be seen with Tom!!

Who will step out of the shuttle and fix the Smart-Beep Pager 'bird' - Steve K.?

This ought to increase the student's attendance!

He still might get my vote, keep trying, Bill.

New dog at the White House? Albany?

From the Island of Catalina, the Spring Training Camp

Stay Tuned!

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