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Pine Flats (click on the clock)

River Directions:

Click on each map for more directions to "Hauli Huvila"

From LA. Go North 405 or 5 to 99 to Bakersfield. Stop for Lunch (Burger King, White Ave.).
Continue North, you can relax until you get to Kingsburg.
Look for the RiverLand overpass for the first sighting of the Mighty Kings River.

Now you have to pay attention. Look for the Manning Ave. exit (number 121). Wake up and get off at Manning.
Take East Manning Ave. (East) towards Reedley, CA. At about 11 miles look for the "EdgeWater Motel"* on the right.
"Turn the Page."
   * Note: The big chicken may or may not be still standing.

As you approach the bridge, and BEFORE you cross the bridge into Reedley, look for the Fresno County Maintenance Yard and turn left onto a dirt access road (blue on map). Follow the road as it turns left, goes under the train tressel (Stan: go around the Low Bridge!) and look for the "Hauli Huvila" signs about 1/2 mile, on your right. When you see the beautiful green trees and grape arbors (The best camping & parking), turn right into the driveway. There will be a small two story home on your right and a chain link fence on your left. Lower camping is down the hill, upper camping is back by the trees & grapes. Take your pick of the camping, not the grapes(Revised: it's OK to pick the grapes). Parking is up top by the upper camping.
If you are arriving after dark, please remember that this is someone's neighborhood and at least be quiet until you find the WNM camp site.

New: Camp Host: Randy Cameron
Camp Phone Number is 1-559-638-4812. Remember it's Randy's House so be kind.
Camp Address: 8802 S. Kings River Road, Reedley, CA, 93654.

2011 Wrapup and Online FAQ.

2010 Wrapup and Online FAQ.

Another view.

Directions to W Manning Ave
S Kings River Ave
Reedley, CA 93654
Map of W Manning Ave
S Kings River Ave
Reedley, CA 93654

A Shortcut for the seasoned river tripper:

Exit at Kingsburg and take 18th Ave. North (Mendocino Ave.).
(Yeah, it will not seem like North).

For a real adventure, see if you can find a way using Highway 198 (Ave. 296, Sierra Blvd.).
OR Hwy 201 out of Kingsburg (East), left onto road 24(N) (2nd left after 18th Ave.) (Zediker Ave. to R onto Manning)
OR "The River Route", Hwy 201 out of Kingsburg (East), left onto road 28(N) (3rd left after 18th Ave.), R onto Ave 408(E), then
forced left onto Road 32(N), R onto E Mountain(El Monte) Ave.(E), 1st left onto Road 38(N), 2nd R onto Nebraska Ave.(E),
forced left onto Marshall Ave.(N), R @ T onto Rose Ave, forced left on S. Lac Jac Ave., 4th R on Manning.

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