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"Identity" [James Mangold] 2003

"Well put together in the sense that the first half was tense. That was done very well. That kept me watching, I‘ll give it that.

"Classic dark and stormy night, with a bunch of misfits thrown together. What‘s going to happen? The film heads downhill as people are murdered one by one ... moving into syfy horror.

"It alludes to the Ten Little Indians story from Agatha Christie. But later bodies start disappearing, into thin air so there is no human mad killer on the loose.

"This is where I started wondering. What is going on with the condemned killer guy? Then all is revealed as the condemned has dissociative identity disorder.

"Apparently, all this is occurring in that guys mind. We are watching his dreamscape. Are the people at the motel all his alter egos? Are they all people he killed?

"Apparently, the killer was conning the psychiatrist, much to that doctor‘s regret. He was conning us too.

"The idea that the silent small boy personality was the killer was lifted from Halloween [1978]. This was a pretty good paste-up film. Halloween [1978] added to And Then There Were None [1945] with a bit of The Old Dark House [1932].

"Quite a few psychiatrists call multiple personality disorder a ‘misadventure‘, the validity of such a diagnosis questionable, possibly iatrogenic."


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"Wrath of Man" [DIRECTOR] 2021

""Wrath of Man" [2021] now on Amazon Prime is at least well made and put together in a way that makes you think some. IMDB gives in a 7.1 and Roger Ebert‘s successors give it four stars. I presume primarily due to its style.

"Directed by Guy Ritchie it stars Jason Statham. Ritchie directed and wrote the very highly rated "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" [1998] which we watched and enjoyed. He also did the very poorly rated "Swept Away" [2002] remake of the classic Lina Wertmuller film. Even Madonna couldn‘t save the remake.

"Statham is a reliable action film staple these days. For John‘s amusement, Statham starred in "The Meg" [2018]."


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