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Title: Director [Year]
"Dear Frankie"* Shona Auerbach [2004]
"Mini‘s First Time"* Nick Guthe [2006]
"Who Killed the Electric Car?"* Chris Paine [2006]
"Flyboys"* Tony Bill [2006]
"Shortbus"* John Cameron Mitchell [2006]
"Roman Holiday"* William Wyler/Dalton Trumbo [1953]
"Blood Diamond"* Edward Zwick [2006]
"Babel"* Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu [2006]
"Madcow Girl"* Gregory Hatanaka [2006]
"Bank Shot"* Gower Champion [1974]
"10 Items or Less"* Brad Silberling [2006]
"O Que E Isso, Companheiro? (Four Days in September)"* Bruno Barreto [1997]
"Shirley Valentine"* Lewis Gilbert [1989]
"Henry Fool"* Hal Hartley [1997]
"La Battaglia di Algieri (Battle of Algiers)"* Gillo Pontecorvo [1966]
"Airplane II: The Sequel"* Ken Finkleman [1982]
"The Long Kiss Goodnight"* Renny Harlin [1996]
"Lola rennt (Run, Lola Run)"* Tom Tykwer [1998]
"El Laberinto del fauno (Pan‘s Labyrinth)"* Guillermo del Toro [2006]
"Saving Grace"* Nigel Cole [2000]
"Sweet Movie"* Dusan Makavejev [1974]
"Shooter"* Antoine Fuqua [2007]
"The Last King of Scotland"* Kevin Macdonald [2006]
"The Prestige"* Christopher Nolan [2006]
"Baxter"* Jerome Boivin [1989]
"Perfume: The Story of a Murderer"* Tom Tykwer [2006]
"The Day of the Locust"* John Schlesinger [1975]
"White Hunter, Black Heart"* Clint Eastwood [1990]
"Painted Lady"* (TV) Julian Jerrold [1997]
"Atlantic City"* Louis Malle [1980]
"Chinatown" Roman Polanski [1974]
"The Two Jakes"* Jack Nicholson [1990]
"Who‘ll Stop the Rain"* Karel Reisz [1978]
"Days of Heaven"* Terrence Malick [1978]
"Devil in a Blue Dress"* Carl Franklin [1995]
"The Morning After"* Sidney Lumet [1986]
"Mini's First Time"* Nick Guthe [2006]
"Laberinto del fauno, El (Pan's Labyrinth)"* Guillermo del Toro [2006]
"Who'll Stop the Rain"* Karel Reisz [1978]

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Liner Notes.

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"Chinatown" [Roman Polanski] 1974

"Roman Polanski‘s Chinatown [1974] is often considered to be the best film-noir, sitting at #19 on the AFI Top 100. Some believe the screenplay to be the best ever written. The film demands a full two hours of concentration from the viewer.

"Chinatown won five oscars, including screenplay (Robert Towne), actor (Jack Nicholson), actress (Faye Dunaway), cinemetograpy and art direction. Polanski was nominated for best director but did not win, although he did win the Golden Globe. Nicholson had a great year, he was also nominated for best actor in The Last Detail [1973].

"Strictly speaking, Chinatown is not really film-noir, being consciously a copy of that style and filmed in color. The story is a faithful throwback to Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammet, taking place in the Los Angeles of 1937. Although filmed in color, there is a yellowed look to the film that gives it a faded sepia feel of times past. Much has been made of the mood of the film as reflecting that of the country. Watergate had just happened.

"Chinatown had a sequel, The Two Jakes [1990], which was a good film, but not generally considered the equal to Chinatown. Nicholson and Towne teamed again, but since Polanski could not realistically come to the USA, Nicholson also directed."


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