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"Back in Business" Gerard Pautonnier [2017]

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"Back in Business" [Gerard Pautonnier] 2017

"Back in Business [2017] (aka Grand Froid) is a light French comedy directed and partly written by Gerard Pautonnier. It stars Jean-Pierre Bacri.

"The plot centers around a failing funeral business located in a small town. The town is a hive of inactivity and it is winter. A husband dies and the funeral parlor is chosen to see to the service and burial. The cemetery location presents a problem, since it is quite remote from the town and a snowstorm arrives.

"The subject matter is not one usually associated with comedy. The film quietly builds upon absurdities. There are few cheap shots one expects in most comedies. It is low-key for the most part.

"The conclusion of the film has one jarring element. Why this was done is perplexing, since it was not funny at all. Up to that point though the film succeeds in being amusing. Not a film for most, but some will find it worth their time."


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